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Shadowbound is a F2P MMO that features refined classic MMORPG systems mixed with fresh takes on fighting and skills that create a truly unique online game experience. It features tight combat mechanics, tough puzzle based dungeons.

Game Overview:

Shadowbound my r2 games is a browser based 2dwith an engaging plot and turn based combat mechanics. the core aim of the game, according to the developer, is to give players the traditionalwithout any additional bells and whistles attached so the game is a nice change of pace from the Feature packed mmorpgs of today.

the game starts off with a character creation screen where you get to name your character and select from one of the three classes of warrior, mage or hunter. the story of the game changes a bit depending on your class and of course the gameplay varies drastically. the warrior focuses on being beefy to soak up damage, mages deal a ton of dps and hunters excel at killing things as soon as possible.


  • puzzle dungeons | take on tile-based challenges with multiple paths to victory.
  • companions | form a team of npc allies, level them up, and equip them for battle.
  • warplots, arenas, and battlegrounds | fight in huge customizable 40v40 fights, ranked team-based arenas, or just mash it up with random players and opponents
  • team combat | deploy your party strategically to counter your foes.
  • community | join or create a guild and take part in epic pvp action.