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Soldiers Inc. is a sci-fi MMORTS in the vein of Travian and other time-based strategy games of that sort. The year is 2019. International corporate powers struggle over dwindling resources and the discovery of the largest deposit of minerals in the known world has turned the Former Republic of Zandi

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take control of the world’s most elite private military contractors under the guidance of your shadowy mentor. this conflict will be fought by the best and won by the most ruthless – so grab your kit, bring your friends, pack plenty of ammo, and trust no one. in zandia, war is big business… and business is good.

in Soldiers Inc., you take command of a military base in war-torn zandia, competing with other military commanders to bring in the most profit for your client. build up your power base through warfare or diplomacy and equip your soldiers with better and better gearto take on more challenging contracts for greater risks and greater rewards.


  • classic rts interface | classic real-time interface makes joining the fight intuitive for all levels of rts gamer.
  • fully scored ost | fully-scored soundtrack and sound composed and produced by bafta award-winning composer jesper kyd.
  • tons of units to recruit | hire and deploy over 30 realistic units, mercenaries, and battlefield systems from the world’s most modern arsenals.

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