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Sparta War Of Empires

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Developed by Plarium, Sparta: War of Empires offers enjoyable albeit rather typical browser game entertainment, which is a mixture of strategy and war, with a few characteristics that set it apart from its brethren.

Game Overview:

sparta: war of empires is a Free-To-Play 2.5d browser mmorts set during a mythical 5th century greek world. players create and manage their city-state through the construction of various buildings, troops, and diplomatic endeavours with both the ai and other players. through the voice acted guidance of king leonidas, players will learn how to hone their skills as a great commander, upgrading their city-state to conquer new areas of greece and push back the persian empire.

graphically, the game is very well presented: the artworks are rather inspired and the environment and design of the buildings work well.finally, the fully voiced dialogues and immersive soundtrack add more points to the atmosphere.


  • classical war set in ancient greece.
  • continuous updates from the developers and special Event s.
  • all the traditional elements of browser-based games are implemented in a thoughtful manner: dialogues are fully voiced and artworks extremely well made.
  • purists of the genre will love this, although it may disappoint people looking for something new.
  • upgradable city-state, form diplomatic alliances, strategic combat.
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