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Star Conflict developed by Star Gem Inc. and published by Gaijin Entertainment is an action-packed MMO in space with a constant war going on between three factions. It takes place 3000 years after the first colonists have left Earth. In Sector 1337

Game Overview:

Star Conflict is a free to play 3d spaceship combatby gaijin entertainment. in Star Conflict, players will begin by choosing one of three factions. each faction has their own rich backstory and Feature an incredibly detailed progression list of unique faction-specific spacecraft.

players will get the chance to pilot a variety of spaceships, from small fighters which focus on hit and run tactics, to large frigates which forgo speed in favor of large amounts of weaponry and high hit points. each of these ships come complete with their own weapon loadouts, handling stats and unique ability modules, all of which can be swapped out.


  • three factions to choose | depending on your morals or who looks cooler, decide between the empire, federation, and jericho.
  • command your own fleet | as you progress you'll have a variety of ships at your hand ranging from battleships to nimble scouting ships.
  • ally or destroy is the question | form alliances and destroy whatever pilots you come across.
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