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Game Description: is an MMO Role-Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You can play as a lone wolf or in a group of friends to explore the fantasy world of Stein. Complete quests and fight against monsters to level up and compete in the rankings of our dungeons.

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take part in an immersive multiplayer onlineworld in Stein, a charming Free-To-Play social browser-based mmorpg from pg5-studio. embark on hundreds of quests and take on challenging wave dungeons — or just enjoy the social aspects of the game!

Stein has hundreds of items and countless ways to customize your character ’s equipment, so you’ll have plenty of different ways to play your character . future improvements will include professions, pvp, housing, farming, mounts, pets, and much more!


  • persistentworld (with hundreds of quests & items)
  • group function
  • friendlist
  • dungeons and wave dungeons
  • ranking system

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