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Stormfall Age Of War

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Stormfall is a time-based MMORTS similar to Travian, complete with customizable armies, buildings, quests, and RPG elements. The story poses the lands of Darkshine in turmoil, as rival Lords battle over the remnants of the once-great Empire of Stormfall.

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the mystical lands of darkshine have riddled themselves with chaos, as what is left of what was once a legendary empire known as stormfall is in a perpetual state of territorial conquer. by lord oberon’s will, you have been selected as the mightiest and most capable champion to reunite the empire against all unmerciful evil.

king’s of their very own strongholds, players are commander and chief of their castle, by both defending it from all enemy attacks, and reinforcing its walls to produce you more resources and a larger army. total control of castle upgrade and development is left unto the the lord, testing his ability to fortify himself, and his legacy.


  • castles | how you choose to upgrade, develop, and customize your castle is up to you – but know that your choices will determine your chances of success upon the battlefield.
  • lost arts | you will need to collect ancient scrolls to piece together each lost arts. each day you play the game your scribe will decipher one scroll, but you may also trade scrolls with other lords at your market and your house of scrolls.
  • strategy | plan yourcarefully and cooperate with other lords in your league in order to smash the hordes of balur, defeat rival leagues, and earn individual and league achievements and powerful special attributes.
strategy is key to defeating your foe, and an army of great numbers must be harnessed in order to destroy their efforts. players can choose or create a league to unite their warfare and challenge opposing leagues. many different avenues can be taken to masted the thrones of darkshine, and it is up to the lord’s of their territory alone to blaze the their trail to legendary glory.

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