Sword Saga

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Sword Saga is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG developed by 7Road and published by R2 Games. This is a casually focused turn-based game with solo and group dungeons, NPC bonding system, and various events for players to partake in.

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players can choose from three classes. these include the melee warrior, spellcasting magician, or ranged shooter. there is also a companion system in place and, through conversing, players can unlock new perks and quests. there are a multitude of solo and group dungeons on the pve side with guild battles available for those who want pvp. there are also numerous Event s that include both pve and pvp content. gaining experience will lead to equipment and skill upgrades. the combat mechanics require more emphasis on strategy instead of quick reflexes but the game is easy to understand with familiarelements.

the reality is that the games don't offer that much different to other titles published by r2 games, and if all that really changes from game to game is the story and the narrative then they have failed spectacularly given that the major problem with the game is the translation into english and the horrible script between character s. all in all not as great a first impression as some of the other mmorpgs out that, even those from r2 games, but as publishers it’s hard to punish them score wise simply because this game came after the others.

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