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The Settlers Online is the free-to-play browser-based version of the popular PC game series The Settlers by Ubisoft. Players start with a small undeveloped settlement and must constructing a variety of different buildings and keep citizens happy in order to turn a modest village.

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The Settlers Online is a free to play 2d browser-based mmorts by ubisoft. as an upcoming king, players take on the role as the royal leader and oversee the expanding empire. focusing on managing the bustling kingdom, players will develop the land in order to gather raw materials needed for construction, exploration, and combat.


  • valuable goods | keep plenty of raw materials available by producing or trading for what is needed.
  • battle worthy foes | conquer bandit camps and other enemies to continue expanding the kingdom.
  • play with friends | help friends rule by sharing knowledge and trading excess goods.
  • go on adventures | expand your empire, but be sure to also protect it from invasion.
expand your kingdom by exploring your surroundings and discovering new regions. all while protecting your empire from threatening invasions as you journey to new islands to expand your rule.

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