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Titans War Online

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Titan's War online» - an exciting Buy To Win  browser game, for all mobile phones Battles, adventures, companionship and love - this all you can find in here Free online legendary game for your cell phone Now you can touch the legend!!

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tips for new players:

register e-mail address join a good clan with good clan statue

step 1:

  • day 1: when you start off... buy 100 gold get 205 using sages hut plus an epic set for free... keep playing but don't go above level 10.
  • day 2: buy 100 gold again get 205... total gold in your account should be about 650.
  • from here on...   keep sharpening your legendary equips... 
  • save up for divine equips.
  • only install ordinary runes. upgrade your runes last. by then offers will appear to get cheap or even free runes.
use transfer rune & sharpening to transfer your sharpenings from legendary equips to divines.after you hit level 12.. 3 days max. 

after you hit level 12.. 3 days max. you will get 'gold secret' quest in sages hut buy gold daily.. 100 gold purchase today gets you 205 ('i need more gold' quest triggers every 20 hours) 400 gold tomorrow get 740 ('gold secret' quest triggers every 40 hours) you should be able to buy gold 36 times a month if u follow the time properly. in 1 month you will have bought 17k gold without offers... and when there are offers you could get around 20k gold by doing just this much. cost 27$ usd a month.