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TransForce is a strategy and RPG browser-based MMO by PlayComet. TransForce is based on the Marvel comic book series and also the recent Transformers movies. Players construct a capital planet and begin to develop the infrastructure and Robot Camp.

Game Overview:

Transforce is similar in gameplay to the evony, except you are using robots instead of medieval units. resources, hero units, alliances, base construction, and combat are the core components of Transforce.

the game consists of three main resources including metal, crystal, and oil. these resources are used for buildings, upgrades, and the purchase of units. these resource buildings are built on the outside portion of your base and can be upgraded for extra production with several plots of land available to build on. you also have energon as a resource which is made from your population. the higher your population the more energon you will produce per hour. energon is used for upgrades and unit purchases.


  • based on the tranformers franchise.
  • intuitive interface.
  • expedition quests.
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