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Travian is a 2D browser-based military strategy game that was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. For strategy enthusiasts, the game features resource management and empire building in the early game which supplements its mid-game combat and PVP expansion gameplay.

Game Overview:

Travian is a phenomenon. initially published in 2004, it today entertains millions of players worldwide. now the timelessly popular game has been completely reworked: the graphics are all-new and more contemporary, there are several completely new Features that add even more fun to one of the most-played browser games in the world.

the principle of the game remains popular and proven: use skill and strategy to turn a sleepy roman, gallic, or teutonic hamlet into a mighty empire. over the course of a game the true challenge awaits: being a diplomat, trading resources, and supplying your villages with food takes a lot of skill. the goal is to become stronger than the competitors, or even to build a world wonder.

the hero system is a unique Feature that allows players to explore an alternate rpg progression, by embarking their heroes on quests and missions to gain powerful equipment which will aid in attacking and defending villages.


  • large player population that makes the game competitive today
  • fun and strategic empire building
  • excellent user interface for a
  • unique hero system to complement kingdom management
  • will keep you addicted daily

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