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Tribal Wars 2

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Game Description:

Tribal Wars is a browser-based MMORTS from InnoGames set in the Middle Ages. Players begin the game in control of a small village, which they can grow and defend as they gain resources, build an army, and set out to conquer other cities and develop their empires.

Game Overview:

tribal wars is set in the early middle ages. every player starts as a leader of a small village, striving for power and glory. under your command the village grows. as production increases, trade flourishes.

not only is your own village growing but the others near you are as well. all around you there are other villages that have the same goal, to become powerful. troops are recruited and villages fortified. wild warriors pillage and plunder. over time you meet other players and become part of a tribe to help and support each other. slowly your village gets larger and stronger as better units are created, and at some point, it becomes time to conquer other villages…


  • collect | collect resources like wood, clay, and iron to begin developing your village.
  • build | build structures such as barracks, stables, churches, smithies, markets, and more.
  • battle | train units including spear fighters, archers, light cavalry, catapults, paladins, and more, and go to war.
  • join a tribe | find a tribe to join forces with other players and march to victory.