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Unlimited Ninja

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Unlimited Ninja is a free-to-play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that lets you create a character and play in the world of the popular anime: Naruto. It's a browser based game, so no download's necessary, and features a storyline that follows many of the characters from the anime/manga.

Game Overview:

based on the popular naruto anime series, Unlimited Ninja (ultimate naruto) is a turn based fantasy browser rpg that pits teams of ninjas against the forces of the nine-tailed demon fox, using an assortment of abilities and various equipment to lay their claim to triumph.

after the ninja village konoha was attacked by nine-tailed demon fox, the fourth hokage sacrificed himself in order to seal demon fox into naruto. this did not stop the havoc, as after a decade the crisis is still at hand, with only a small team of ninjas left to finish the task. as a player, you will choose from three schools each offering a different form of ninjutsu to master.

  • loosely based on the popular naruto anime | play alongside all of your favorite character s from the show, manga, and games.
  • build a ninja team | build a powerful clan of your own as you progress through the game.
  • summon ultimate tailed spirits | these powerful and ancient beings can be harnessed and used in battle.
  • pvp arena to test your team | fight in the arena to test your mettle and your team's skills.