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War2 Glory

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Game Description:

WAR2 Glory is a browser-based, free-to-play MMORTS from Just A Game. Set during the World War II era, the game allows players to become Commanders of small cities and build their forces, engage in battle, and take over regions to expand their territories.

Game Overview:

WAR2 Glory is a client/browser-based f2p real-timegame where you take on the role of emperor in charge of a war-torn kingdom. rise up as a capable commander-in-chief executing historically accurate military strategies across world-wide battles on land, sea, and in the air with over 40 units from world war 2. and when not actively in combat build up your empire by keeping valuable resources like steel, food, and soldiers flowing steadily while keeping upgrades going around the clock.


  • command your forces | draw from over 40 different authentic wwii vehicles to dominate the battlefield.
  • engage in combat | engage in real-time strategic combat with your troops, vehicles, air and sea forces.
  • join an alliance | join an alliance to team up with other players and participate in the pvp-only alliance campaign.
  • take over territories | work with your alliance to take over territories across WAR2 Glory's huge game world map.