Zombies Ate My Pizza

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Set in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies think humans are walking pizzas, Zombies Ate My Pizza is a 2D action shooter which puts players right into the action filled oven fighting hordes of zombies and the unknown alien force behind it all.

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ZOMBIES ATE MY PIZZA currently allows players to play as either a commando which deals extra damage on each attack or the bomber who passively has a higher critical chance.ZOMBIES ATE MY PIZZA is a brand new Free-To-Play browsershooter from r2games. it's a fully-fledged browser mmog with a large side of snark. players scorch their way through hordes of hungry zombies, complete piping-hot missions and blast bosses down to the crust... all to protect their pizza. key Features include 360 degrees of zombie-smashing action, militia-exclusive dungeon Event s, cross-server arena and a pvp undead tournament.

players will join the militia and battle their way through infested instances filled with enemies and giant boss monsters. although the game is 2d, players will still need to move with traditional wasd controls as they use their mouse to aim abilities and their guns towards the even encroaching waves of cheese-crazed enemies. as players complete their missions, they’ll return to their military base where their given access to new equipment, skills and new missions. 

r2games has announced that a major update has been deployed for ZOMBIES ATE MY PIZZA. the update includes the addition of pvp systems, weapon crafting and dungeons. the new content is aimed at those players of level thirty and above. read more at https://www.mmorpg.com/zombies-ate-my-pizza#eexkprx3dfbsjvvl.99

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