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    Dec, 2011

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    Bioware Austin LLC

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    Bioware Austin LLC

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Overview

Star Wars: The Old Republic Key Features

  • Face Your Destiny. Choose your path down the light or dark side of the Force™ as you build your legacy. Travel across the galaxy on epic missions, pilot your own Starfighter, battle through fast-paced space combat and build your own custom Stronghold to rest and enjoy the spoils of your battles with friends. Choose from one of eight iconic roles and become the hero of your own personal Star Wars™ saga!
  • Recruit Your Companions. Meet intriguing Companions as you adventure who can join you as allies fighting by your side. Choose friendship, romance or betrayal – but beware as choices have an impact and you never know when or where your paths might cross again.
  • Play Your Way. Play alone or join with others in online multiplayer missions and story-driven battles or face your enemies in player-vs-player Warzones. But, when the battle is over meet friends, sell your items and restock your inventory on the Fleet where socializing is a galactic pastime. Finally, refresh and share your story with friends in one of the galaxy’s infamous Cantinas.
  • Pilot your Personal Starship. Join your friends in space combat through Galactic Starfighter as you pilot your own customizable ship! Recharge and let your crew do the work from the comfort of your personal ship that serves as your private base of operations for you and your crew and is the starting point for your ongoing missions. Prepare for a journey that will take you across the galaxy as the hero at the center of your own Star Wars™ story – it’s your destiny!

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