Text-Based Cyberpunk Game Coming To Steam

A cyberpunk game of a different kind is coming to Steam this summer, and you don’t even have to buy it. Indie studio Late Night Games announced the free-to-play text-based RPG cyberpunkdreams (Yes, [...]

Lineage II Celebrate Its 9th Anniversary With Saddle Dragons And XP

Lineage II is turning 9 (based on its EU launch date) and its companion Lineage 2 Essence is turning 1. So, to celebrate, 4game is hosting a month-long event. For the first half of the month — endin[...]

SWTOR Dishes On Upcoming 6.2 Update, Including New Mandalorian Flashpoint

Last week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina Livestream was supposed to cover new content coming in Update 6.2: Echoes of Vengeance, including the new Mandalorian flash point. Unfortunately, real[...]


Players of the hit 3D online action RPG League of Angels - Heaven's Fury welcome a new otherworldly figure to their ranks this month when the beautiful and divine character, the Angel of Destiny (Fort[...]

Genshin Impact Documentary Video Explains What Inspired Liyue’s Creation

In a very cool, short video posted on YouTube today, miHoYo offered players a brief look at the thought process behind creating Genshin Impact’s second region, Liyue. The video discusses how they wa[...]

Destiny 2 Will Soon Be Completely Free On Stadia Without Pro

Destiny 2 may have been available on Google’s Stadia platform for the past year, but there’s been a bit of a catch. Those who wanted to play it either needed to pay for Stadia Pro to play the game[...]

Taonga: The Island Farm Update is coming!

Army Major Gobble-Gobble has a noble dream – he wants to teach his fellow turkeys a demanding yet enticing skill of flight. Who is trying to meddle in his plans, and what can you do to help? Find ou[...]

ArcheAge - Rise of Nehliya Available Now!

Hamburg, November 12, 2020 – gamigo is thrilled to announce the release of their newest update Rise of Nehliya for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Players can look forward to nine new Main Story Q[...]

V4 Preps For New Archer Class, Offers Bonus XP/Gold Event

V4 is about to get its first new class, and it’s a classic for any MMORPG. The archer is your prototypical pew-pew class, which has “short skill activation times and fast strikes.” The archer wi[...]

RuneScape Construction Contracts Give Grinders Options, Finally

RuneScape latest content update released today, and it appears Jagex is pretty proud of themselves. The new update introduces Construction Contracts, which are a less expensive way to train constructi[...]

A Tricky Tanuki Is Making His Way To Smite

Titan Forge Games is adding a bit more mischief to Smite in the near future (December to be more precise)– this time in the form of a Japanese trickster-god. The tanuki Danzaburou is generally assoc[...]

MapleStory’s Next Big Update Adds New Job Skills And More

On November 18, Nexon will release the “Awake” update for MapleStory. This new winter update introduces new 5th Job Advancements for the Wild Hunter, Adele, the Paladin, and the Beast Tamer as wel[...]

Lord Of The Rings Online Is Testing Some Changes To Monster Play

If you haven’t been loving Lord of the Rings Online‘s version of PvP, the one where someone’s gotta take on the role of a monster, you may want to check out Standing Stone Games’ latest update[...]

RuneScape Has Launched On Steam, OSRS To Follow Next Year

After nearly two decades, players of RuneScape on PC can finally enjoy their favorite MMORPG on Steam. RuneScape on Steam is the same game that hundreds of millions of players have known and loved thr[...]
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