Best Text Based MMO Browser Games In 2023


MagicDuel is a unique Fantasy game, unlike anything you played before. We call it a "game" because anyone can join free and PLAY it, MD consists of a community of amazing people, MagicDuel is much more than a simple casual game.
Published BY MagicDuel Adventure Style: 2D
Grand Prix Racing Online
Grand Prix Racing Online is a free motor sport management game, where you get to control and influence a team of your own. Starting out with a basic car, you can try and win your way through to the top division to become the best manager.
Published BY GPRO Ltd Style: 2D


OGame is a text-based space simulation strategy MMO that has been online for over fifteen years. Players start at a random point in a galaxy and build their empire through money management and researching technologies.
Published BY Gameforge Style: 2D
Tribal Wars 2 is a browser-based medieval Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) war game with a focus on battle strategy and castle management in a medieval universe, filled with knights, generals and political decisions.You are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape.
Published BY InnoGames Style: 2D


Torn City, or just Torn, is a text-based MMORPG that focuses on crime in Torn City, a city riddled with violence and underground dealings. Considered to be a long-term game, Torn allows players to slowly build up their character in whatever fields they choose,
Published BY Chedburn Networks Style: 2D

Kapilands STRATEGY

Kapilands is a free to play browser-based economics and business simulation which lets you grow a tiny business into a thriving empire. Step into the driver’s seat in the world of business and see how far you can grow your start-up.
Published BY Upjers Style: 2D
Prosperous Universe is a next-generation browser based science fiction sandbox where you are the CEO of your own space faring company. Explore the galaxy, design spaceships, forge alliances, and most importantly: produce, trade, transport, and profit.
Published BY simulogics Style: 2D
Join us and Play Mafia Returns. The single most complete and open-ended Mafia Based Progressive Role Playing game on the net! Destroy your enemies, strengthen your friends. Build or destroy dynasties with the click of a mouse. The power is truly in your
Published BY Crooked Studios, LLC. Style: 2D
Xpert Eleven is an online football management game. This certain game is about coaching. There are two options to coach your league. You can create your own team or you can also join a team that already exists. The choice is up to you.
Published BY Xpert Eleven Style: 2D
ManagerLeague is an online football manager game where you compete together with thousands of other players from all over the world. In ManagerLeague you have complete control, and can administer, train, trade and set up tactics for the upcoming games.
Published BY Fifth Season AS Style: 2D
Ultimate Assassins is a persistent Text Based Mafia MMORPG. Rank against other players with the same goal in mind, to reach the TOP! Become powerful, rich, and eliminate other players.
Published BY Ultimate Assassins Style: 2D
Matchday11 is a free to play browser-based online multiplayer football manager game which lets you build a team and compete against other players. Building as strong a squad as possible is the primary focus of Matchday11, not setting the prices of items in the snack bar.
Published BY Johalu Games Style: 2D
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