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    May, 2014

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    Fistful of Frags Team

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    Fistful of Frags Team

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Fistful of Frags Overview

Fistful of Frags Key Features

  • Shootout (classic death-match / free for all) and up to 4 team death-match: nonstop, all-around action. FFA supports ladder based global ranks.
  • Teamplay mode: objective-based game mode featuring zone capture and 'push the cart' levels.
  • Cooperative mode: up to 6 players; features missions as bank assault, last stand, push
  • Singleplayer challenges and missions: learn the game alone, master the skills you'll need later at your own pace
  • Other multiplayer modes: Grand Elimination (a fast-paced Battle Royale like mode), Break Bad (team-based death-match like mode featuring custom rules as unarmed players or objectives), Team Elimination (kill the entire enemy team once at least to win the round), Versus (1 vs 1 duel matches, each map features different arenas, fair match creation based on player rank/skill)
  • Detailed dual wield system: double dynamic crosshair, weapon flip for extra accuracy options, drop or throw your handguns as a projectile attack
  • Advanced multiplayer bots for off-line practice
  • Historical black gunpowder based weapons as Colt Peacemaker/Navy/Walker, S&W Schofield, Volcanic pistol, Deringer, Smith Carbine, Sharps rifle or Henry Rifle
  • Customization options: choose primary/secondary weapons and special perks
  • Skill-based scoring system: the more skill required to accomplish an attack, the higher score is
  • Source Engine 2013: community-managed dedicated servers, LAN support, 3rd party level design and user customization allowed

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