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About Crystal Saga II

Building on the smash hit that was the original Crystal Saga, R2Games brings the highly anticipated sequel. All Players are welcome to get a taste of Crystal Saga II.

Featuring a more streamlined skill system, more active online elements, and an expansion to the Crystal Saga universe, this latest MMORPG is aimed both at fans of the series and new Players alike.

Kick off an epic adventure in the mysterious world of Crystal Saga II. Assume the role of a hero reborn, and set forth on a wild journey in this FREE MMORPG!

    Equipment & Classes And/Or How To Play:

  • Equipment stage: ● Equipment is divided into 5 classes: Common (White), Outstanding (Green), Magic (Blue), Pristine (Yellow), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange). ● Varying stages of equipment have different colors and attributes; the higher the stage, the better the attributes.
  • Equipment Quality: ● Quality types: Equipment will randomly be one of the following qualities:, (1. Poor. 2. Fair. 3. Ordinary. 4. Good. 5. Outstanding)
  • Set Attributes: ● Collect an entire set to obtain extra attribute bonuses. ● The higher the equipment level, the better the set attribute bonuses.
  • Pets: As a combat support system, players can select one battle pet and six supporting pets. The battle pet will help you attack your enemy, and the supporting pets will dedicate certain attributes to the active pet. 10% of the attribute will be added to the character.
Minimum System Requirements

Crystal Saga II is an online browser game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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