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MagicDuel Best 2D Browser Games
MagicDuel is a unique fantasy game, unlike anything you played before. We call it a "game" because a...
Hunter X Hunter Online Best 2D Browser Games
Based on the popular Hunter X Hunter manga, this free-to-play browser-based MMORPG offers a wide ran...
Naruto Online Best 2D Browser Games
Relive your favorite moments from Naruto in Naruto Online, a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG offic...
Fairy Tail Heros Journey Best 2D Browser Games
Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey is a free-to-play browser game where players can create their own wizard ...
SAOs Legend Best 2D Browser Games
Explore the world of the popular anime Sword Art Online in SAO’s Legend, a free-to-play browser MM...
Bleach Online Best 2D Browser Games
Bleach Online is a browser-based 2D fighting game set in the fictional world of the Bleach manga/ani...

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Apr 14, 2005
MagicDuel Adventure
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Best 2D Browser Games second generation web games are simple and lightweight online games that can be played on your pc web browser, we collected in this list text based and side scrolling 2D online games to play with friends and people all around the world for free no download is required