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About Mars Tomorrow

Mars Tomorrow is a free mobile and browser-based builder where the player must carefully manage resources, an economy, and an ever-growing population to cultivate a habitable planet. Colonizing starts by collecting vital resources like Oxygen which is used to collect raw materials and help bring people to your settlement. Once a populace starts migrating than the second major cog of the game, controlling an intricate economy, can begin. From there masterful strokes of tactical genius will procure the results necessary to create paradise on Mars.

Be one of the brave souls to travel to Mars to be a pioneer in this brilliant open beta game, Mars Tomorrow! In this game, you’ll need to increase your fleet of Mars vehicles and set up vital transportation routes between the many outposts with the colony base. By transporting and delivering goods, you can contribute to the terraforming effort on Mars while earning some profit on the side.

To start, you’ll first need to select a Game world to play in. Mars Tomorrow has only 1 Game world at the moment, but when the Game moves to launch, you can definitely expect more Game worlds. That being said, after selecting a Game world, you’ll need to choose a colony to settle in. There are 6 different colonies that you can choose from, namely Armstrong, Aldrin, Gagarin, Hawking, Newton and Einstein, and more colonies will also be added later on. It’s, of course, best to pick a colony that is least populated so you won’t feel hemmed in by experienced Players who have already established their “economic domains” in that area.

    Equipment & Classes And/Or How To Play:

  • When you join the game you will start at a colony on the Mars Planet.
  • At your starting colony you can create or join a guild, a guild has advantages in that you get bonuses from the guild level, guild members can collect Marsdollars and Terra-points for you that you generate. A guild has many advantages over playing solo so it is important to join ore create one right away, a guild also needs a leader so be that leader or assign one.
  • In this game you are competing against other players, other colonies and even against your own guild members. You are trying to provide the most resources to the colony to score the highest points.
  • The real person you are competing against here though is yourself, YOU yourself is the hardest person you will have to defeat, more about this later.
  • When you first start the game you will be at a colony on Mars, on the colony there will always be 4 resources shown, supplying these resources to the colony is required for the colony to level.
  • In the below example the colony needs food, oxygen, nitrogen and salt. for more info visit
Minimum System Requirements

Mars Tomorrow is an online browser game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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