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One Piece 2 is an adventure browser-based MMO that allows you to assemble a crew of dangerous pirates and sail to dangerous expeditions with your character Luffy, with the ultimate goal to be the Pirate King. Over the course of the story, you earn Vitality points to make significant improvements to your crew to gain an upper hand in your fights.

In addition to living the story of the 'One Piece' treasure and the quest to become the Pirate King, you can also engage yourself in PvP battles against your friends and use your battle-hardened skills to finish top and win the spoils.

As you continue to progress in the game and go through levels, you get the opportunity to hire other characters and increase the size and strength of your crew. Although the skills of the characters you hire cannot exceed the abilities of your Pirate Lord, they still go a long way in making a massive impact in battles and helping you to win against your opponents.

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