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Rough seas, Caribbean islands and mountains of treasure! Once you’ve tasted plunderous success in the pirate life, there’s no turning back. The infamous Blackbeard and his crew were blown on yon course and earned immortality for their sins – at once a blessing and a curse.

They have been fighting ever since, both amongst themselves, against sea monsters, and against the oblivion of eternity. And all for control of the seven seas. Their community grows in leaps and bounds, and one thing binds them all – it’s the greatest adventure they’ll ever live to tell

There was a time I was called Liam de Cautman. My story began in 1798 when I left home for the sailing expedition around the world. I knew the journey was going to be long and exhausting so I carefully picked the best crew I could find. Two days after we left the port our ship was hit by a squall so powerful that the beams’ endings almost lied onto the water. While the crew restlessly tried to save the ship from sinking, the massive figure appeared out of the night blackness. For a moment we froze and couldn't stop staring at the giant sea dragon. The topgallant sail was torn, and three whaleboats were badly damaged while it crashing the starboard of our ship. The jaded crew couldn’t cope with accruing damage and I decided to get out of this place as quickly as possible without any repairs. Everybody were seized by the horror of what we saw and we all breathed a sigh of relief when we moored to the nearest island to take a rest…

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