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Zoo 2: Animal Park, formerly only available on mobile devices is now officially a browser game with cross-platform play. Zoo 2: Animal Park is available on the upjers website, Players can rotate their zoo 360 degrees with a click of their mouse, and the animals respond to interactions with players. Whether it’s chasing down a ball, or being petted, there is plenty to do in Zoo 2. There are also plenty of enclosure decorations such as feeding troughs and play equipment, which produce even more unique animations. Zoo 2 also boasts a romantic story arc with the characters in the story.

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your Wonderful 3D Zoo

The situation is dire. For many years, your great-aunt Josephine took care of her little hobby zoo. Now that she's passed, the zoo is to be closed. The fate of your zoo lies in your hand! Prove your skill and save Animal Park! The mayor has given you 48 hours to turn things around. Time's ticking. Roll up your sleeves, start scrubbing the enclosures, feed the cute little goats and rabbits and procure new wild animals for your zoo.

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