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Crush Online is a free-to-play game that takes MOBA gameplay to a whole new level by introducing a persistent world and endless territory war between three factions. Players compete against each other in individual battles that shape the geopolitical landscape of the world of Gaia, rewriting borders and providing fame and glory to themselves and their comrades.

As you play you’ll conquer territories for your faction, bringing it wealth, glory, and fame. With more territories also comes more resources which will benefit your faction greatly. Guilds within your faction can also be formed between players, giving them the chance to play with like-minded gamers. Guild castles can also be utilized which will give Guild members a place to plan, defend, and upgrade to show off their power.

Your avatar can be created from a few different classes within your faction and can also be customized with armor, weapons, and gear. By customizing your avatar you’ll be able to specialize them how you’d like and take on your perfect role on the battlefield.

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