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Florensia is a Japanese MMORPG that is set on and around the sea. Players start out as an Explorer, Mercenary, Noble, or Saint, and can take part in various maritime activities such as building their own ships, fishing, and even large scale guild versus guild naval battles. Choosing from 12 different character classes, players can build ships from 5 different ship types. The game also offers a land-based component for characters that players can level up separately from their sea skills, making each game experience very customizable. Florensia is free-to-play with an item shop.

Develop your individual characters and ships and become a hero. The special dual battle system allows you to boost both your land and sea level and independently expand your abilities. Choose one of four basic classes: Mercenary, Explorer, Noble or Saint and evolve to one of eight extended classes at level 40. Meet incredible boss monsters, stand against their unpredictable attacks with the perfect strategy, and discover valuable treasures. Play with friends or create a strong guild and enter challenging battles in the War Zones. Meet players from all around the world, in-game or in our Florensia forums.

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