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LaTale is a free to play 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG with anime-inspired graphics, lots of quests and a massive player base. Simple gameplay and intuitive quests make LaTale accessible for players of all ages, while a large, immersive world promises hours of entertainment.

Choose from 9 distinct Classes and over 50 potential Job Specialties to create your unique Hero. Each Class features extensive upgradeable Skill Trees and Weapon Masteries, plus unstoppable Legend Skills that can be learned in the distant corners of the world.

Discover over 100 diverse zones across the sprawling magical continents of Jiendia and Freios. Visit small towns and vast cityscapes, conquer exploration fields and instance dungeons packed with quests and secrets, or challenge colossal area bosses either solo or with a party.

Adventure with Heroes from around the world. Chat and make friends, create parties, join a Guild, open an in-game store, or even find a partner and get married. Weekly community events both in-game and on the forums ensure there is always something new waiting in La Tale.

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