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Otherland is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG currently in development by Real U and set to be published by Gamigo. Based on the popular multiverse set forth in the Otherland book series by Tad Williams, the game will mesh medieval fantasy, sci-fi, and cyberpunk virtual worlds into a personal playing experience unmatched in the books. Otherland is promising to have equal parts socializing and combat and to eliminate the mindless grind so prevalent in today’s MMORPGs. Major focus will be on Otherland’s wondrous lore already in place, allowing players to fully take part in, and even make contributions to, the continuation of the story. Stay tuned for more details as the release date approaches!

Players will embark on an epic quest through virtual reality worlds, wielding fantastic powers in action-based combat. Housing will play a key part in the game, with each players virtual “U|Space” being a major source of crafting materials and a focus of high-end PvP. Players will be able to place defenses around their U|Space to defend it from attack and customize its look to suit any visual aesthetic.

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