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About Global Strike

Global Strike is a high-octane browser FPS with a variety of Game modes. In addition to your standard FPS Multiplayer modes, you can also play solo or even as an infected mutant, infecting other Players or ripping them to shreds with your deadly claws.

Unlike most browser-based games, there are no plugins required to play, and the Game runs smoothly on nearly all systems, thanks to what NGames describes as a “self-optimizing 3D engine.” This means you can hop in and play very quickly and can even sneak in a few matches on a public machine without worrying about download barriers, such as firewalls.

    Equipment & Classes And/Or How To Play:

  • Sniper Rifle It’s Worth Owning Today we want to introduce GS Sniper Rifle Usage Tips - How to Use Sniper Rifles in Global Strike
  • 1. Tracking✊: What is Tracking? A lot of friends will confuse it with Drag Shot. Tracking is often applied when the target is fairly far away from you. This technique helps increase your sniping accuracy. In other words, it ensures a more stable shot. Unlike Drag Shot, when aiming at a moving target, the cross-hair moves with the target and fires when the target moves to your scope. (Tracking and Drag Shot are also different in speed.)
  • 2. Flash Shot✊ What is Flash Shot? Generally, this technique is quite useful when you encounter enemies using machine guns. How do we use it? It requires you to make full use of obstacles. When you are not sure about how many enemies there are, it is very dangerous to get yourself exposed. In cases like that, you can flash out from behind an obstacle and open your gun sight simultaneously. Upon spotting the enemy, take the target out with a drag show. This method can greatly reduce the sniper's chances of death. 1x scope is recommended.  
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Minimum System Requirements

Global Strike is an online browser game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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