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Planet Arkadia developed by MindArk is a sci-fi social MMORPG that focuses on economics and politics. On May 25th in the year 3008, colonists made their way to Planet Arkadia to fight the Oratan threat. Settlements around the content of Sentosa are flourishing and the Imperial Federal Navy is ready for you. On Planet Arkadia, it's up to you how valuable you become in this real money currency driven world.

Players fight to survive and overcome immense odds while hunting for treasure and gathering resources. Planet Arkadia gives players the ability to use any skill they choose, from combat to plastic surgery, with no classes to limit them.

Planet Arkadia also features a unique economy system. Every item in-game, whether it be a gun or huge tracts of land, can be sold for real-world currency. Because Planet Arkadia is a permanent virtual universe, you can invest in the economy through manufacturing and trading to create real-world profits.

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