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Travel back in time as you build up your own thriving settlement, repair your time machine and conquer the savage armies that oppose you. Rage War takes the browser-based MMORTS into a fun and unique direction with plenty of content to explore across periods of time.

The foundation of your settlement like any civilization is your workers which also serve as the primary game currency and can be generated through housing structures and are spent for a range of tasks (most notably particular buildings). Alongside workers is your wealth which is generated and spent in a similar manner. All of these structures evolve slowly over time as players go from the stone age to the bronze age and beyond.


The gameplay, initially, was fairly standard as it guided us through the tutorial of building up a settlement (a necessity for players unfamiliar with these games, an arduous pain-filled experience for someone who plays these games all the time). The mechanics were simple enough and it felt like we were being drawn into yet another mind-numbing automated “strategy” that revolved around building up an army and clicking an “attack” button, then waiting on a report. Thankfully not!.

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