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Revelation Online is an ambitious and breathtaking new MMO in which players will discover an amazing adventure and explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery using the power of flight without any boundaries. It is difficult to come across this much and diverse content for any type and level of player. The game includes several PVP modes, like a Last Man Standing arena, sieges for up to hundreds of players, as well as PVE raids, requiring teamwork and tactical gameplay.

Revelation Online has something to offer nearly every MMO player. With six classes and three distinct control styles, you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want to play. In addition to the vast and quest-filled open world, there are dungeons to explore, raids to conquer, and legendary bosses to defeat. Or you can try your hand at PvP, in the open world or arenas, or in massive castle sieges that will test the limits of your and your allies’ resolve!

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