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In Vindictus, party play is not just a formality, it is something you need to be aware of and take extreme care in planning. When you’re battling a huge spider you’ll need one of your party members to distract it while others throw a chain around its legs, so that you finally get to walk past unnoticed and deal severe damage with your sword. Also, when you visit a dungeon the map will always be randomized, so you’ll never get tired of walking through the same walls.

Collect precious rewards and craft unique items in the dungeons and develop your character. Customize your gear with stats via the Enchant system and color via the Dye system. By doing this, you assure that not only you have some powerful gear but it will also be stylish and original. In Vindictus you may even fight in your underwear – too much damage will break your armor and reveal what kind of undergarments you’re fond of!

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