NCSOFT Celebrates 18 Years of Lineage II With A Boat Load of Events

By: AwadGorg , Legend Apr 21 /2022

NCSOFT Celebrates 18 Years of Lineage II With A Boat Load of Events

Starting yesterday and running until May 18, NCSOFT will be celebrating 18 years of Lineage II, featuring 26 events filled with unique items and effects players can grab. And it turns out that Lineage II: Aden and Classic will be joining the anniversary fun! April 28 marks the 18-year legacy that Lineage II has upheld, standing as the cornerstone MMORPG franchise under NCSOFT.

To mark the occasion, NCSOFT wants to shower players with in-game events, and boy, there are so many of them! However, not all 26 events are stuffed into Lineage II. Each version is getting its handful of events, which will help spread the love for fans who might be selective on which version they love best. For those interested in the main Lineage II, events such as the Dancing Cat Event will buff your party if you talk to cats, while the Frederick the Destroyer Raid Event features a timed 60 minutes boss encounter that rewards players will special items and cake.

The Attendance Checklist event will run from April 20 until May 25 (note: this is one additional week!)

Each day, you can claim the login reward after you’ve been logged in for 30 minutes. Rewards are awarded consecutively, so if you miss a day it will be claimed instead on the next day you log in. To claim your rewards, click the available item in the Attendance Check window from any character and it will drop into your inventory. The daily reset is at 6:30 a.m. Server Time.