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    Apr, 2005

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    MagicDuel Adventure

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    MagicDuel Adventure

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MagicDuel Overview

MagicDuel Key Features

  • Hundreds of high-quality artworks, userfriendly interface
  • Unique gameplay introducing new gaming concepts
  • No usual economy system
  • Creature fights, fantasy world, weapons, collectible items, magic casting
  • Realtime PvP fights, alliances, multiplayer spells, live chat
  • Interactive story - player-selectable endings!
  • A unique combination of adventure, roleplaying and tactics
  • Role-play items to personalize your role
  • Huge lands to explore, secret locations
  • Each character becomes unique based on the player choices and play
  • Multiplayer story involving real players
  • Way of play changes several times as you progress
  • An amazing community of role-players

MagicDuel Media


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  • alaa

    great game any updated would be great

  • Caruon

    great art work.

  • Ladyviv

    i am very lost in the game and almost wanting to give up because i just don't know what im doing or what else to do?

  • Interesting gameplay

    Beautiful art

  • Deep gameplay

    Wonderful music

  • Great art

    Fabulous music

  • Nice art

    Beautiful music

  • Good gameplay

    Good music

  • Great gameplay

    Magnificent music

  • Interesting game

    wonderful music

  • Nice storyline

    Nice art

  • Unique gameplay

    Unique art

  • Beautiful art

    wonderful music

  • Amazing art

    Fabulous music

  • Good gameplay

    Good music

  • Interesting gameplay

    beautiful music

  • Good adventure

    Good music

  • Great puzzles

    great music

  • Interesting gameplay

    Great music theme

  • Good activities

    Great artwork