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Tentlan is a browser-based, 2D real-time strategy game set in the era of the ancient Mayans. Players begin by building a sun temple, which is the central building of their city. Around this, the player will want to create structures dedicated to gathering the resources that the game runs on; limestone, obsidian, cacao, and corn.

Players can also construct an Observatory, where the Mayans will draw inspiration from the gods and the stars in order to advance technology, giving them an edge over their adversaries, whether they be other players or barbarians in the surrounding lands. A city’s can also join a Tribe (like a guild) to trade resources and fight enemies together.

In the heart of the rainforest, a stunning view opens up to a white limestone city - your city in Tentlan. Travel back to mysterious cultures, become a mighty emperor, and experience the Mayan civilization in your own skin! Tentlan is a strategy real-time online game played in the times of the pre-Columbian Americas. Starting off with a small settlement in the heart of the rainforest, the players continuously increase their power and influence until they end up developing great empires.

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