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About Rush Team

Rush Team is poised to give FPS gamers a brand new experience in the genre. Once you get this app added to your Facebook app list, you’ll find that you won’t be able to stop playing the game. Play moderately, however – there’s more to life than playing through a first-person shooter the whole day!

What sets this Game apart from other FPS on Facebook is that you have to create a separate account in their servers through the FB app. Curiously, it doesn’t require an email address to validate your account but only if you’re setting up a normal account. All you have to do is memorize your Nickname, your username, and your password.

Nickname is the name that appears in Match Scores, your profile, and anything in-game, while the username is the one you use to log in. Don’t be tempted to make them the same, because the game’s server will not accept it.

Once you’re done filling up those fields, the Game will create your account for you. With a normal account, you don’t have any means of recovering the information. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can also opt to create a secure account, which will use your email address. With this, you can request for information if you happen to forget your log in credentials.

The Game is developed by Roka, who is assisted by dozen of other staff members known as Game Masters or GM's for short. Whilst not directly working at the development of the game, the job of the GM's is to supervise the Game and help users with problems they may encounter in the game. Besides in the game, you may also contact us with our ticket system which allows you to easily address or report any kind of problems or issues you may notice, or chat and tell your ideas with the staff and rest of the community on our forums.

Rush Team is also different from most online FPS games with its focus on the experience. For instance, you cannot earn any experience from Level 10 up if you leave in the middle of a match. Worse, you’ll be smeared with a “Rage Quit” appendage on your stat if you do so, letting other Players know that you’re the kind of person who’ll leave a match if continuously killed by the members of the opposing force.

You don’t also buy weapons in this game; instead, you unlock them by gaining experience and leveling up. You start off with three assault weapons, three handguns, and three melee weapons in your inventory, but this inventory will grow as you gain levels by playing the Game regularly.

    Equipment & Classes And/Or How To Play:

  • War Attack looks like a cartoon fps game or even like a cube fps game.
  • The game size is very small in order to give you a fast experience.
  • The game play is simple and unique, no complex settings, no complex characters setup ! just click play now, join a room and destroy everybody!
Minimum System Requirements

Rush Team is an online browser game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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