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Conquer Online Overview

Conquer Online Key Features

  • Simple Gameplay, Fast-paced Level-up & Addictive Combat | Conquer Online’s gameplay is fairly simple; players can master the operations in a few minutes and get familiar with the game through fast and smooth starter quests. The game’s combat is fast-paced and fluid, skills, and spells have great animations and the game has a lot of addicting playability. The unique ‘XP Skill’ grants a player to deal a devastating amount of damage within a certain period. It’s fast to level up.
  • 7 Uniques Classes | Pirate, Monk, Ninja, Archer, Trojan, Warrior, Taoist.
  • Customization | The game offers an abundant choice of garments, hairstyles, and even weapon accessories.
  • Equipment System | The game has a wide range of item options and sophisticated equipment and upgrading system which allows players of different classes to gain extra attributes and powers through their gear.
  • Open PVP & Various PK Platforms | Conquer Online has an open PvP environment, meaning any character can be killed at any time by another player.
  • Rebirth System | Players can be reborn numerous times without limitation if they have reached requirements. Each rebirth will give them special things.
  • Interactive and Captivating Quests
  • Steed & Mounted Combat System | Players are allowed to combat when they are mounted. Imaging that you are on your horse and fighting with your opponents!

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