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Sling spells, not guns, in Grimoire: Manastorm, a magic free-to-play FPS from Omniconnection. Take on all comers in PvP deathmatches or intense control-point battles. Or try your luck in the PvE gauntlet mode and try to hold out for as long as you can against wave after wave of skeletons, elementals, and worse!

As ruin rises from the south, two great houses become locked in a bitter struggle for the Grimoire; a powerful artifact that ushered in the Dawn of Magic, brought destruction to an empire, and which now heralds civil war.

Battle for supremacy in two multiplayer modes across 12 medieval-inspired settings, or go solo to protect the people of Grenfell.

- Conquest -Control territory and even bring the environment down on your enemies.

- Free-for-All - Chaos reigns supreme in this classic, all-out fight to the death.

- Survival - Hold off waves of increasingly powerful enemies in this single-player challenge.

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