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Planet Calypso developed by MindArk is a sci-fi social MMORPG that focuses on economics and politics. As a colonist on an alien planet, you'll be able to develop over 200 unique skills ranging from combat roles to tailoring. But wherein lies the interesting fact about Planet Calypso is that the virtual currency is real-world money and you can take on jobs in-game for other players, for a fee.

Explore Planet Calypso, the MMO-RPG experience where your decisions count for real in a stunning 3D-experience!

Planet Calypso features a Real Cash economy and can be explored on all levels as an explorer, entrepreneur or in a number of other professions and roles.

While hunters go after the indigenous species or the ubiquitous Robot menace that from early Calypso history on have threatened the planet miners look for precious resources using seismic investigation methods and more.

Some choose to craft tools, weapons, and other items for the open market where Calypsonians can both trade and invest. Others simply join for a truly great Virtual World experience in a Sci-fi MMO setting.

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