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Royal Quest is a client-based free-to-play MMORPG from Katauri Interactive, creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. The world of the game combines magic, technology, and alchemy, where players are fighting using a unique battle system based on elements, which gives each player the freedom to figure out weak spots for each monster and deal extra damage. One of the most interesting features is PvPvE dungeons when quests require awareness of other players, who can kill your character at any time during your quest progression.

While the four initial classes are your standard, Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Archer; at level 20 they may branch out into two additional subclasses. As players level up, they’ll be awarded attribute points that give additional bonuses every so often. On more rare occasions, players will gain a skill point used in class trees to augment their current abilities or gain new specialty ones.

Similar to games like Ragnarok Online, special cards sometimes drop off enemies, which can then be socketed into gear and weaponry in order to add additional bonus effects. Later in the game, players can collect pets and compete in several PvP arenas, Battlegrounds, and Castle Sieges.

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