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Rumble Fighter is a free 3D fighting MMO game offering a casual approach, being easy to play but difficult to master. A maximum of 8 players gets to battle it out simultaneously in fast-paced and exciting multiplayer action. Basic offensive attacks are complemented with more advanced attacks, such as combos and counterattacks. The ExoCore skill system is something that really makes this game stand out from other free MMOs. Using this skill player can power up and morph into a stronger fighter, with each class featuring their own transformation items.

Players select from pre-made character types based upon their ability to use certain Sacred Scrolls, or fighting styles, which include Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Jujitsu. The game has a system called ExoCore that lets characters transform physically, become stronger temporarily and unleash special attacks. The ability to customize characters a bit exists through the use of items, some of which are premium from the cash shop.

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