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Fight for honor and glory in Mythic Glory, a free-to-play browser MMORPG from R2 Games, the makers of Thundercall and Stormthrone. Hone your skills as a knight, ranger, or mage, and take a mercenary or two into battle with you to help even the odds against the monster hordes!

You get rewards every day based on your ranking, the higher the better. Challenge those who rank higher than you to move up. You'll also get Glory Points when you win, which you can use to purchase rare materials at the Glory Shop.

World BOSSes respawn daily at 1300 and 2000, and everyone in the server will have to work together to defeat them! They may drop S-rank equipment and mercenaries. When their HP drops to 70%, 40%, and 10%, Lucky Chests will be drawn.

You are not alone in your adventure. Call on your friends to challenge high-level dungeons in Mythic Glory!

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