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S4 League Is A Great Free MMO Game That Perfectly Blends Nonstop Shooter Action With Inspired Anime Visuals. It’s A Stylish Third Person Shooter With A Fantastic And Colorful Anime Attitude That Is Both Terrific To Look At And Play. The Neo-Tokyo Anime-style Features Great Poses And Elegance In Actions Such As Running, Jumping, Shooting And Even Flying In The Detailed And Resourceful Maps. Best Of All, The Graphics Aren’t Very Hardware Consuming, So Most Computers Will Be Able To Run This Awesome Shooter.

S4 League Impresses Every Shooter And Anime Fan With Its Unique Visuals And Action-packed Duels.

This Explosive Combination Gives Every Player Exactly What They Want. You Can Individualize Your Own Character With Loads Of Items: Express Your Personal Taste With Different Weapons, Outfits, And Jewelry.

Have You Created A Character? Then You Can Get Started! New S4 League Players Start With A Short Tutorial. It Explains The Basic Controls, Focusing On Techniques Such As €�dodging” Or €�walljumping”.

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