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Silkroad Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG based on the historical Asian Silk Road trade route. This MMO blends the real stories together from events that took place on the Silk Road, into an amazing fantasy game. The game is known for stunning graphics, the unique Merchant/Thief/Hunter triangular PVP system, unique playable races and fulfills their roles, trading from one city to the next through dangerous encounters and adventures. What role will you play in this vast world? What paths will you take? This world is vast, and it lies open before you; where your feet take you is up to you!

The Silkroad is a living and breathing game world unlike other MMORPG’s which have stale content. On the Silkroad, the constant life that you observe through the trades and challenges brought from it forming various bonds, goals, and dreams giving the Silkroad a world full of life. Players have to find their own path by choosing the ideal job and develop their characters accordingly. Become a Merchant, Hunter or Thief and carve your destiny in the large world of Silkroad. The dynamic animations are the result of advanced techniques that provide beautiful and smooth visuals.

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