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Tanki X is a free-to-play, tank battling game that’s heavy on the action and fun, but not without its own take on strategy and tactics. Outfit your tank to match your play style and take it into fierce and ferocious battles against up to 20 other players. You’ll need fast reflexes, daring, targeting skills, and a little luck to prevail!

You decide what your tank will look like and how it will behave in battle. Choose from 11 turrets, all with different ranges, firing rates, and unique features such as repair nanobots for healing allies, bullets that bounce off walls to reach hidden enemies, and lots more. There’s even a turret that sprays enemies with a blast of ice to slow them down to a crawl.

Mount your weapon of choice on one of seven hulls of different shapes and size, all of which feel and handle differently. Wasp is renowned for its high speed and nimbleness, which makes it great for jumping off platforms and spinning around your target. On the flipside, Mammoth is a veritable fortress that will take lots of firepower to bring down.

The match types in Tanki X include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. While some level of teamwork is important, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to go out on your own and wreak havoc. With your winnings, you can upgrade your tank with weapons such as a flamethrower or shotgun, and improve your maneuverability or survivability with a new hull. You can also improve your weapon and hull and become an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield!

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