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About Weapons of Mythology — New Age

Classes: Vajra: Founded by Zhan Sect's Yu Ding Immortal. They are focused on physical strength training. They have a great power that can block all kinds of attacks. Their principal weapon is the Spear.

Lotus: Founded by Zhan Sect's Daoxing Primogenitor. Wise and noble. Expert healers that always look out for their partners. All the hearts will be purified by their Fans.

Mist: Founded by Zhan Sect's Guang Chenzi. They are good observers and they have powerful magic offensive skills. Their main weapon is the dual swords. They also use Taichi energy and unpredictable attack stances.

Ascension: Founded by Zhan Sect's Ju Liu Sun. They are fast and energetic. They can fly in the sky and sneak up on enemies. Their main weapon is the dagger. They combine their physical attacks with magic.

Solar: Founded by Zhan Sect's Chi Jing Zi. They are fast and agile. With their eagle vision, they can shoot rains of arrows with exceptional accuracy.

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