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AD2460 is a free-to-play browser based MMO strategy that puts you in control of a star-spanning empire bent on domination through any means necessary. A 4x strategy MMO in the vein of Alpha Centauri, AD2460 offers vast freedom in deciding how your empire develops: where to explore,

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AD2460 is a browser-basedstrategyset in a persistent world. the game draws from real timetitles and the developer's own influential 2001 web game, planetarion. AD2460 sees humans scattered all over the universe after the discovery of gates allowing travel through space with cultures, traditions, factions, and policies developing in their new locations.

you’ll start off small, with just your homeworld to sustain you. as you gather resources and develop your civilization, you’ll explore the galaxy, coming into contact with other players. ally with them to share common goals and develop together, or go to war with them, utilizing advanced battle strategies to lead you to victory.

  • no download, play across devices | AD2460 requires no download or plugins, so the game may be played in any browser, including ondevices.
  • alliances and strategic battles
  • make your mark on the galaxy | your homeworld is just the start. claim outposts, engage in research and development, discover technologies and cultures, but engage in player politics and alliance building in order to gain or maintain power and your interests.
AD2460 boasts a clean user interface that will have you managing a far-flung empire with a minimum of hassle.

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