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About Eldevin

Eldevin is a browser-based 3D fighting MMORPG, a bit similar to Runescape, except in Eldevin everything can be more customized and controls are traditional. No character Classes, choose your own perfect combination via Talent tree. Pick your professions and level them up, start crafting and explore the wide map. Good Story line with interesting quests to keep you from grinding.

There are no set Classes in Eldevin, instead, Players can choose talents among the game’s 6 talent trees in order to mix and match their character traits to suit their playstyle. For example, Players can opt to become a heavily armored wizard with additional healing spells, or a warrior who casts fireballs in addition to swinging a large 2 handed axe. At each level, Players can also allocate attribute points that grant their bonuses to specific stats.

There are 14 professions in Eldevin, and Players can level them all at the same time. Crafting is an integral part of Eldevin, and Players can explore the landscape to find previous materials to use in a variety of unique crafting recipes. Eldevin features a Story -driven quest system, which sometimes presents Players with multiple choice answers for quests, allowing a player to have an impact on the direction a questline takes, and perhaps even its rewards.

Minimum System Requirements

Eldevin is an online browser game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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